The prevention of substance use among school-age children is a major concern in our community, as it is elsewhere in the nation. To address this problem, the Wright Township Police Department, in cooperation with Crestwood School District, is presenting a substance use prevention education program entitled D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education).

D.A.R.E. will be presented to fifth-grade and eighth-grade students one day a week by Officers Macko,  Rozitski, and Winsock of Wright Township Police Department, and Officer Monk of Fairview Township Police Department, who have been trained to teach this program. The curriculum includes such topics as how to say no to peers, self-esteem, assertiveness, social influences contributing to the use of drugs, and positive alternatives to drug use. Officers will also be available to present a program for parents and will cooperate with parents to ensure that children are well-informed regarding the dangers of drug use, if so desired.

We hope that you will share our enthusiasm for this exciting program. Please contact any of the Officers or Chief Joseph Jacob, at 474-9251, if you have any questions.

The following is one of four winning D.A.R.E. Essays from students of St. Jude's School.





The following is one of five winning D.A.R.E. Essays from students of Rice Elementary School.

Taking a Stand

D.A.R.E. is a very important program that educates us of the dangers of using drugs and alcohol and informs us on how to be violent-free.  It makes me happy and excited that I now have greater knowledge that will help me and others.  I really liked it when the role models came in.  I hope to be a role model some day.

The D.A.R.E. program was very instructive.  I learned how harmful alcohol, marihuana, and other drugs are.  These affect your mind and body.  Also, your memory gets worse.  Death and disease are consequences of taking drugs and alcohol.  You lose control of your life.  It's important to stand strong and say no.

Drugs will ruin your life.  They can destroy your family, relationships, job or career.  Drugs are addicting and take control over your life.  D.A.R.E. made me aware of the importance of staying violent-free.  Violence is a destructive action that is unnecessary.  There are different ways to solve conflicts and disagreements.  One solution is to communicate how you feel with friends and family.  Something that always helps me is to pray.  By staying away from drugs, alcohol, and violence, we are making the world a better place.