The bi-monthly luncheon/meeting of the Crestwood Industrial Park Association was held at the Wright Township Municipal Building.  John Levitsky of PP&L introduced Frank Kilyanek of H.T. Lyons, Inc., as the guest speaker.  John Glushefski, Luzerne County Engineer from the Road and Bridge Department also spoke to the group.

Pictured standing from left are: John Levitski, Richard Knupp, John Piccotti, John Glushefski, Don Holtzman, Frank Rinkevich, and Frank Kilyaner.  Seated from left are: Daniel Frascella, Jeff McGeehin, Ralph Caropreso, Rob Hollands, and Rick Burman.


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Government Day at Wyoming Valley Mall



The dedication of 89-1

Dedication of 89-1

From left are Supervisor Dan Frascella, former Supervisor Jack Robshaw, Chief Joseph M. Jacob, Supervisor Lou Welebob, and Supervisor Don Zampetti

2001 Government Day 

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